Bristol Compressors
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January 2004
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Bristol Compressors introduces Benchmark, a new line of reciprocating and scroll compressors. The new compressor has been designed and engineered for superior reliability and maximum efficiency while meeting 12+ SEER requirements. With its nearly cylindrical design, new suction muffler, and spring mounting, the company says that the compressor has greatly improved sound quality while reducing vibration, making it one of the quietest compressors for 1.5-to 4.0-ton units.

The Benchmark Scroll's design reportedly has 34-percent fewer parts than competitive scrolls, 39 overall, which the company says allows for a unique assembly that requires no bolts and minimal welding. Built to be more reliable with greater mechanical and energy efficiencies (12+ SEER), the Benchmark Scroll's simplified design reportedly revolutionizes scroll technology.

Bristol Compressors

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