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January 2004
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ebm-papst, Inc.'s says its EC motors effectively address the need for the highest efficiency and control, while installation remains painless and straightforward. All electronics are now completely integrated within motor housing. The customer simply applies the a.c. power and either a 0 to 10 V or RS485 control signal. Some EC motors include a controller for a PID closed-loop process control internally on board. An advanced commutation method reportedly results in extremely smooth fan operation. In addition, the EC motor performance range has been extended to 4 hp (3 kW)/177lb-in (20 Nm).

According to the company, this new range of EC motors helps to meet tough noise and efficiency specifications for rooftop condensers and air-handling units.

The company's new electronic control expands the speed control interface of its premix gas blowers to accept variable or discrete analog signal outputs from conventional temperature controllers. The universal gas blower control (Model UGB) converts up to four different analog signals into a PWM signal that controls the speed of the gas blowers for staged or modulating burner operation.

The UGB control is available for 24-V or 120-V a.c. systems. It converts signal inputs of 24 V a.c., 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 V d.c., and 0 to 10 V d.c. into an equivalent PWM signal output for four discrete speed settings or a modulation range of 10 to 100 percent. In addition, the I/O relationship can be adjusted with rotary and DIP switches for direct to inverse signal conversion and to change speed-curve characteristics. The UGB control was also designed to accept signal inputs from the ignition module to ensure proper operation with safety, purge timing, and igniter functions. Additional features include programmable soft-start, diagnostic LEDs, audible alarm, and tach input for closed loop speed control.

Packaged to fit into a standard 4-11/16-in square steel junction box, the UGB controls now offers boiler and water heater OEMs the opportunity to use an ebm-papst premix gas blower without changing the existing temperature control supplier. Production is slated for early 2004.

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