Clinching Equipment
May 2003
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The Kombi line is a further development of the supplier’s double-stroke clinching machines. The Kombi line uses solid dies where all moving parts are encapsulated for maximum robustness, meeting the severe operating conditions associated with extreme production rates. The Kombi line workheads are said to have high capacity, up to 24-in (600-mm) bite, and are reportedly safe and inexpensive. They can have C-frames, which are articulated (A-series), or fixed (F-series). The Kombi line is composed of a set of standardized building blocks that can reportedly be combined to make up a SPOT CLINCH® installation, from a simple, foot-pedal operated workhead on a pillar to complete equipment for high-productivity, automated multi-workhead assembly lines. With the company’s new boosters, the Kombi line is said to be as fast as single-stroke machines.


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