Clip-On Valve Coils
August 2003
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The company's new clip-on coil range is designed to operate in aggressive environments where there are broad humidity and temperature fluctuations. According to the company, the fully encapsulated coils are well suited to refrigeration applications. The clip-on fastening system reportedly makes the coils easy to mount without threaded caps or nuts that can be lost. The coils are mounted without tools, yet the internal clip fastener reportedly provides a secure attachment that will not vibrate loose, even in extreme environments. Coils can be dismounted using a screwdriver as a gentle lever. The clip-on coils are available in a variety of voltages, from 24 to 240 V, and for 50-, 60-, or 50/60-Hz operation. The coils are dimensioned for maximum opening pressure differential of up to 350 psig. Holding current is 14 W for a.c. versions and 20 W for d.c. versions. Available connections include 0.25-in U.S. spade terminals or DIN cable plug.

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