Remote Control for Hipots
July 2003
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An enhanced remote control interface has been added to the company's family of low-cost, fully microprocessor-controlled hipots. The 2500 series features a.c., d.c., and a.c./d.c. hipots, and offers the enhanced capabilities, safety, and reliability made possible by microprocessor technology at prices hundreds of dollars lower than comparable competitive units, according to the supplier. The remote control allows these instruments to be used in automated applications, as well as stand-alone manual applications. Additionally, these models reportedly differ from conventional analog testers in several respects, with key benefits being ease of use, enhanced operator safety, increased efficiency, and improved test accuracy and reliability. Designed to meet most UL, CSA, VDE, and IEC test requirements, including the UL 120 KQ standard, these models are said to feature easy-to-read digital displays with intuitive, user-friendly menus and front panel controls. An important feature not available in analog hipots allows an operator to set test parameters in the absence of any high voltage, thus avoiding a potential shock hazard. These instruments also feature electronic ramp and dwell, which improves efficiency and is required by some agencies. Finally, each instrument includes line-and-load regulation to ensure better and more reliable testing, since proper voltage is consistently applied to all devices being tested, regardless of fluctuations in line input voltage or the load created by the device under test. The 2500 series provides test voltages up to 5,000 V and adjustable trip currents up to 100.0 mA a.c. and 3.00 mA d.c.

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