TIG/Stick Inverter
July 2003
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The Maxstar® 200 with Auto-Line™ primary power management technology is said to be the world's most flexible DC TIG/Stick inverter-based power supply. According to the company, Auto-Line technology enables the Maxstar 200 to accept input power ranging from 115 to 460 V, single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz without any manual relinking. This allows users to plug it into any type of primary current in the world, from household to industrial outlets, and begin welding immediately. The Maxstar 200 has a 1- to 200-A output and produces code-quality TIG and Stick arcs traditionally found in larger industrial machines. For increased reliability in harsh conditions, the unit uses an airflow management design similar to the company's Wind Tunnel Technology™. This reportedly protects electrical components and PC boards from contaminants such as dirt and metal dust created by grinding.

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