Quick Disconnect Fittings
July 2003
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The company now includes Swivel Luer Fittings in its line of Quick Disconnect Luer Fittings. The fittings offer a more secure lock than a standard luer combination, according to the company. They are molded to the ISO standard for male 6-percent conical lock fittings with rotatable internally threaded collar. With a standard barb downstream, the Quick-Disconnect Swivel Luer is usable with 1/16-in (1.5-mm), 3/32-in (2.25-mm), 1/8-in (3-mm), and 3/16-in (4.75-mm) tubing. The fittings are pressure tested up to 125 psi and available in Nylon and Polycarbonate only.

Ark-Plas Products, Inc.

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