Pushbutton Switch
July 2003
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The GB2 Series of ultra-thin, ultra-miniature pushbutton switches is suitable for applications with limited available board space. The extremely thin size allows high-density PCB mounting. The body of the switch is 7-mm (0.275-in) high, 7-mm (0.275-in) wide, and 2.5-mm (0.1-in) thick. Also suitable for mounting in blocks, these models feature patented, off-center plungers that facilitate this type of mounting and reportedly ensure against accidental actuation. Said to provide unequaled logic level reliability and a positive smooth detent actuation, the GB2 series features the company's patented STC contact mechanism. The STC contacts self clean with each actuation, and the pushbuttons are rated 0.4 V A maximum at 28 V a.c./d.c. maximum and have an applicable range of 0.1 mA ~ 0.1 A at 20 mV ~ 28 V. The contact resistance is 80 milliohms maximum.

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