Sealed Pushbutton Switches
July 2003
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A new series of panel-sealed pushbutton switches designed to handle demanding, harsh environments features a basic switch element that snaps in behind the button so that designers can specify a single-pole or double-pole switch behind the same sealed pushbutton. Available with three button colors (red, green, or black), the new Series 49-59 sealed pushbutton switches are suitable for applications such as communications, instrumentation, data processing, environmentally demanding keypads, and mass transport controls. The switches are offered with a choice of round or square bezels. Bodies and buttons are made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), a hard-wearing thermoplastic polyester suitable for surface or sublimation printing or engraving. PBT is also flame-retardant and UL rated.

ITW Switches, an Illinois Tool Works Company, Inc.

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