RTS Resistive Touch System
July 2003
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Both membrane switches and touch screens are proven technologies for a wide variety of medical devices. The company has successfully merged both technologies into its new RTS Resistive Touch System—a single product with benefits for medical devices, industrial control interfaces, and more.

Specifically, the company's engineers coupled the durability and reliability of its HeatSeal™ membrane switch construction with its 5-wire touch screen technology to create the RTS for custom interface applications. The manufacturing process of the RTS interface consists of laminating a Bergquist HeatSeal™ membrane switch having a clear lens to a Bergquist 5-wire resistive analog touch screen using an optically clear adhesive. Marrying the two proven technologies adds design flexibility, improved reliability, and redundancy of critical functions to the electronic assembly, according to the company.

Because Bergquist's HeatSeal™ construction is used, an RTS interface is said to be exceptionally resistant to harsh medical environments where chemicals are used regularly for cleaning.

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