Industrial Grade Switches
July 2003
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The company has expanded its line of Power Switchâ„¢ Industrial Grade Switches with the addition of a new line of Safety Disconnect Switches (SDSs). The switches come in an IP65 Watertight 30-A Non-Fused Model and an IP67 Watertight Non-Fused Model in 60 or 100 A, while fused models are available in 30 and 60 A. According to the company, the line of switches safeguards users by preventing the haphazard making/breaking under load of electrical connections. According to the company, fused models feature integrated, "finger-safe" fuse holders accepting Class J time-delay fuses. SDSs come supplied with one factory-installed auxiliary contact for remote line management and power managing, with space provided for an additional auxiliary contact. According to the company, the IP67 model includes a red, pistol-grip handle with an integrated lockout that meets OSHA safety regulations.

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