LED Panel Indicators
July 2003
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The LPI-C011701S Series Remotely-Lit LED Panel Indicators offered by the company are passive light guides, which reportedly carry light from an LED source to a front panel, display, switch, or any location up to 800 ft (250 m) away. The indicators are made of UL 94V-O clear polycarbonate and include a 7-mm (0.28-in) round lens, which, according to the company, mounts through any front panel ranging from 1.8 mm (0.071 in) to 4.8 mm (0.189 in) in thickness. The end opposite of the lens fits over an LED and attaches to the printed circuit board. According to the company, the flexible "light transporter" in the middle accommodates virtually any bend or curve. The panel indicators are custom-configured to each application.

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