Pruning Saw from Remington (DESA Specialty Products)
December 2003
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Remington(R), part of DESA Specialty Products (Bowling Green, KY, U.S.), recently introduced the Branch Wizard as an addition to its line of pole products for lawn and garden use. According to the company, the pruning saw is more powerful and user friendly with a 6-A motor that cuts through branches up to 6-in thick with less effort. An in-line powerhead design reportedly provides improved visibility of the cutting surface, and allows for better maneuverability and access in trees. A 6-in bar length reportedly allows the user to tackle the toughest cutting jobs efficiently.

The company says that the pruning saw eliminates the danger that comes from climbing a ladder with a chain saw to cut a limb. The product is said to quickly cut branches up to 12-ft high while the operator is standing on the ground. The saw comes with a rust-resistant fiberglass pole, along with limb gripping teeth to provide the user with an easy and effective way to remove cut branches from trees.

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