Thermoplastic Coating
December 2003
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Plascoat Systems offers literature on its New Talisman thermoplastic coating for use in dishwasher baskets, freezer shelves, and glass washer baskets. According to the company, in addition to a significant cost advantage over nylon, New Talisman also shows distinct performance benefits that have been demonstrated in both extensive field and in laboratory tests. After 4 months at 130°F, New Talisman reportedly showed no degrading or yellowing, while its nylon equivalent showed yellowing after just 72 hr. In salt spray tests after 500 hr on damaged plates, the company reports that New Talisman had lost only a few millimeters of adhesion, while the nylon's adhesion was completely lost. New Talisman is available in white, gray, and metallic gray.

Plascoat Systems

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