December 2003
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A selector guide from Dymax Corporation introduces a new line of light and activator curing adhesives for bonding metal, ferrite, ceramics, and for providing strain relief for various wiring assemblies. Featured are the new 800 Series adhesives for "cold bonding" close-fitting, opaque substrates such as magnets to steel housings, along with the Muti-Cure 600 Series adhesives that reportedly cure on surfaces in seconds when exposed to UV light. The new products are upgrades of similar adhesives, but with improvements such as higher clarity of the cured bonds, good gap filling, and fast fixtures. A chart on page 1 of the guide illustrates why the materials have reportedly simplified the assembly of d.c. motors, speakers, pot, and e-cores, as well as wire harnesses, armatures, and commutations. Charts within the guide show product features such as tensile-shear bond strength, viscosity, and typical fixture rates.

Dymax Corporation

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