Wire Welding Module
November 2003
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For MIG welding aluminum in light manufacturing and fabrication, the company offers a Push-Pull Module that is compatible with the Millermatic(R) 251 MIG welding system. Mounted directly to the side of the Millermatic 251, this module reportedly enables 12-in spools of aluminum wire to be run on the internal wire system. Compared to the 1-lb spools of wire used for welding aluminum with spool guns, the ability to use an industrial-sized spool saves on the labor involved with changing spools as well as tip and wire consumption, according to the company. The push-pull design is said to allow for a more consistent feeding of aluminum wire by providing constant torque to the wire at the power source and constant wire feed speed at the gun. This tension reportedly ensures a smooth feed without bird-nesting and burnback, and wire feeding consistency throughout the length of the weld. The unit is designed to push aluminum wires 0.035 or 0.047-in diam.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc.

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