Temperature Control Systems
November 2003
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The DFM14E and DFM44E temperature control systems can be used with recirculating, direct-gas-fired modulating air heaters and are designed to comply with ANSI Z83.18 specifications. Both new systems are said to utilize reliable and approved control methods to comply with the standard. One of the control methods used is the "Auto-Calibrate" feature, which is a simple calibration process that gathers damper position data and the corresponding airflow data. This information is then used to generate each unit's airflow characteristic. According to the company, with air quality becoming more of an issue, its new systems allow the use of the highly efficient, direct-fired recirculating heaters while still maintaining or exceeding an acceptable level of air quality. Other system features include a 24/7 programmable thermostat, remote room sensing (optional), multiple air metering options, room and discharge sensitivity adjustment, low-pressure burner compensation, and a low-fire start timer.

Maxitrol Company

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