Portable Gas Grill
November 2003
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The company's new portable Q gas grill reportedly features superior quality over other portable grills, as well as a unique, futuristic design. "When we showed the Weber Q at industry-only trade shows earlier this year, a significant number of people commented that the design made grilling more approachable, particularly among those who said they've been intimidated by grilling in the past," says Christina Schroeder, vice president of Marketing. According to the company, the Q grill is vastly different than most portable grills. While ordinary portable grills are griddles (a solid, flat, heated surface), the Q model has a P-shaped burner that emits open flames under its porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grate - both of which work together to sear and smoke food, the company says. The portable grill weighs about 41 lb and is available with the Weber(R) Q(TM) Rolling Cart, which either folds to lock the grill firmly in place at the right cooking height or unfolds to transport the grill much like a wheeled portable suitcase or tote.

Weber-Stephen Products Co., Palatine, IL, U.S.; www.weber.com

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