Coffee Maker
November 2003
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The company reports that coffee drinkers now only require one or two cups of coffee - not a full pot - especially during the workweek. And, they need it quickly since they have less time than ever.

The company's new Melitta(R) One:One(TM) coffee maker is said to ensure perfect coffee, cup after cup, thanks to a pod filter system that reportedly brews coffee-bar quality coffee at home, one cup at a time. The Java-Pod(TM) pre-measured, individually wrapped disc is filled with 100-percent Arabica coffee. Users just drop the pod into the machine, add water to the 27-oz tank, and select either 8 oz of American coffee or 5 oz of European-style coffee. There are six Javapod(TM) blends for individual tastes, along with Cooper's(R) Teapods(TM) in three blends. The appliance is available in white, black, or red.

Melitta USA, Clearwater, FL, U.S.;

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