Compact Icemaker
November 2003
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The SP-18 icemaker features corrosion- and UV-resistant components to withstand the outdoors, which the company says makes the appliance perfect for boats. Measuring 18 1/2-in high x 13 13/16-in wide x 24 13/16-in deep, the icemaker reportedly fits in small spaces and under countertops. In addition, its door can be installed to open to the left or to the right, and a travel pin keeps the door closed. The appliance produces approximately 20 lb of ice daily from 2 1/2 gal of water, and stores 12 lb of ice in a clear, removable ice bucket.

Its metal frame, handle, and specially coated grille can reportedly withstand the effects caused by the sun. According to the company, its front-vented, built-in installation requires only a 1/4-in diam water line connection, and there is no need for extra fans for special venting to the outside of the cabin.

U-Line Corporation, Milwaukee, WI, U.S.;

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