November 2003
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According to the company, its MBD Aerobox fan uses the world's only adjustable pitch mixed-flow impeller in a compact, economical, and maintenance-free direct-drive configuration. The aluminum impeller offers a choice of nine blade settings, reportedly permitting performance requirements to be closely matched without the complexity of belt drives. The mixed-flow fan reportedly offers sound and pressure characteristics similar to centrifugal fans, but with the compactness and ease of installation of an axial flow fan. A constantly rising pressure curve avoids the risk of unstable operation, which may be present with axial fans, and the product's square housing reportedly simplifies installation and fabrication of transitions or elbows, wherever square or rectangular ducts are used. The fan is available in five sizes from 450- to 800-mm wheel diam. Performance ranges from 2,000 to 20,000 cfm with pressures to 3.5-in wg.

Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.

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