Temperature Controllers
November 2003
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The new Series N7 temperature controllers feature expanded communication options and a modular architecture and are designed to meet requirements for use in a broad range of applications, including foodservice, medical, plastics processing, and semiconductor. The heart of the controller is a powerful processor featuring additional memory, which is reportedly designed to handle sophisticated control algorithms as well as monitor and count various events. The new controller also boasts a modular design, enhanced communications, customizable inputs and outputs, and a low-voltage controller. The product also offers up to four sensor inputs that can be customized to include thermocouples, RTDs, or process inputs. Up to 10 outputs provide ranges including open collectors, SSRs, electromechanical relays, no-arc relays, current, and voltage. Other features include an ambient temperature rating of 80¡C, allowing the controller to withstand hot environments; an auto-tuning feature that simplifies tuning of PID parameters; and the option of vertical and horizontal orientations to meet multiple mounting requirements.

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