Leak Testing Equipment
November 2003
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The company offers its new Falcon Leak Test System that simultaneously locates and calculates the leak rate, reportedly eliminating the need for additional leak tests. The Falcon uses patent-pending Intelense technology, offers real-time process control, and is said to be a cost-effective solution that bridges the gap between traditional pressure decay technology and helium vacuum mass spectrometry. The company's Sentinel M24 Leak Test Instrument is a compact, affordable, and versatile leak test instrument that is available in a single- or multiple-station configuration, saving the cost of multiple instruments. The instrument reportedly provides enhanced repeatability, fast cycle times, a brilliant VFD graphic display, an enhanced operator interface, and can communicate directly to factory or other networks by linking to Ethernet, beaming messages to PDAs, sending e-mail alerts, or through conventional RS232 and RS485 ports.

Cincinnati Test Systems

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