Powder Filter
November 2003
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The company's new Pulsator(TM) powder filter reportedly achieves up to 99.9-percent efficiency at 2 microns and is washable, non-linting, and highly tear-resistant. Its media reportedly has 4-times the service life of a traditional paper cartridge. The company's new manufacturing technique imparts of dual (opposed) dimpling on individual filter pleats. This technology, says the company, maximizes performance when the filter is highly loaded with powder, optimizes the effectiveness of pulse cleaning, and improves filter capacity following pulsing. At change out, the newly designed cartridge reportedly retains less powder between pleats, which results in savings in powder cost. The company says that the Pulsator(TM) design also outlasts other paper cartridges on porcelain lines by withstanding the abrasive action of porcelain coatings. With fewer change outs, the system reportedly is allowed to run more efficiently in terms of airflow over an extended time.

Chemco Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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