Hybrid Linear Actuators
November 2003
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Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc.'s catalog details its newest line of motion control products for applications requiring a combination of precise positioning, rapid motion, and long life. The company's line of hybrid linear actuators reportedly opens new avenues for equipment designers that require high performance and exceptional endurance. The various patent-pending designs use a proprietary manufacturing process, which incorporates engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel acme lead screw, and which reportedly allows the motor to be much quieter, more efficient, and more durable than the v-thread and bronze-nut configuration commonly used in other actuators. According to the company, motor life is improved more than 10-times over the traditional bronze nut style, requires no maintenance, and does not affect the cost. An additional feature is the bearing pre-load configuration, which unlike other designs, reportedly does not protrude from the motor configuration. The company's hybrid actuators come in four sizes ranging from 35 mm to 87 mm sq. Each size has three available designs - captive, non-captive, and an external linear version. The size 17 and 23 also come in a linear rotary design. There are 20 different travels per step available, from 0.00006 to 0.00524 in. Typical applications include X-Y tables, medical equipment, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, and valve control.

Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc.

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