November 2003
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The Lincoln Electric Company announces the publication of its Outershield(R) Wires Product Catalog that describes its line of gas-shielded flux-cored and metal-cored wires. The piece provides both a quick-reference selection chart and detailed information on each electrode. The company's Outershield electrode line, which features a tubular structure, reportedly delivers controlled chemical composition and precise fill and targeted arc characteristics. The result, the company says, is outstanding arc stability, exceptional chemistry, and superior feedability. The wires are said to be well-suited for a wide variety of structural and general fabrication requirements. Unlike solid electrodes, the fill of the Outershield product can be adjusted to produce more or less slag and can be tailored for particular shielding gas compatibility or modified for use in any welding position. The guide includes a short description of each Outershield wire, its AWS classification, and recommended shielding gas.

Lincoln Electric Company

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