Motors, Blowers, and Accessories
November 2003
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Fasco Motors has released a 100-page Stock Replacement Products catalog featuring a line of motors, blowers, and accessories for distributors, OEMs, and those dependent upon finding exact replacement components for an HVAC/R application. The catalog features an 11-page selection guide and a 3-page alphanumeric index to help users find applicable products. Specification charts, line drawings, and product illustrations are included for component comparisons. Popular staple products such as the 3.3-in, 4.4-in, 5.0-in, and 5.6-in (48 frame) diam motors have their own sections within the catalog. New products featured in the catalog include 34 unit bearing motors, seven 5.6-in diam multi-purpose motors, and four 5-blade, fixed-hub fan blades.

Fasco Motors

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