Entry-Level Test System
October 2003
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According to the company, its entry-level test system will perform the four most commonly specified electrical safety compliance tests with a single Device Under Test (DUT) connection. The system consists of the company's enhanced lines of hipot and ground bond testers. These two families can reportedly be interconnected together and will perform a.c. hipot, d.c. hipot, insulation resistance, and ground bond tests. There are three models in the 2900 Series of enhanced hipot testers: the 2925 is an a.c. only hipot tester; the 2935 is an a.c. and d.c. hipot tester; and the 2945 is an a.c. and d.c. hipot tester with a built-in insulation resistance tester. The 2630 is the company's enhanced 30-A ground bond tester. Any model of the 2900 Series can be interconnected with the 2630 to form the test system. This, says the company, allows the end user to customize the test system to specific needs. Additionally, both the 2900 Series and the 2630 are UL & TUV safety agency listed, meaning that the system complies with U.S. OSHA requirements for a safe workplace.

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