Terminal Blocks
October 2003
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The company's IDC/Spring hybrid DIN rail terminal blocks reportedly provide for a quick insulation displacement connection to unstripped wires on one side, and a reliable, more flexible spring clamp connection on the opposite side. The company says that the combination of IDC and spring clamp technologies results in both reduced factory installation times (up to 60 percent), and a secure termination to a wider range of wire types and sizes in the field, particularly in vibration-prone applications. The blocks feature accessible top contact points that require no special tool to terminate wires. Every termination point can be individually marked and has a dedicated test point. A minimum of three jumper channels reportedly provide greater commoning options to engineers and system integrators. The taris IDC/Spring hybrid blocks are said to be perfect for applications requiring high-volume interconnects for low-voltage control and signals where labor cost reduction and ease of assembly are necessary. The taris IDC/spring hybrid terminal block product family is available in various configurations, including single- and double-level feed-through, duo-modular feed-through, and single and duo ground blocks. All block configurations include three jumper channels that allow for staggered jumpering, a dedicated test point, and easily viewed marking locations that are optimally located so they are not covered by terminated wires.

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