Emergency Stop Pushbutton
October 2003
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A new emergency stop button from the company reportedly guarantees maximum safety to protect both man and machine. The PIT emergency stop pushbutton is suitable for applications up to category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1. It also meets the new requirements of IEC/EN 60947-5-5 and EN 418. A special safety contact block reportedly prevents elements from being released without detection. With a yellow border, the contact block is recognizable as a safety element. Together with the contact elements, the company says it forms a fixed unit, so it cannot be incorrectly configured, nor can individual elements be attached inaccurately. The pushbutton is available as a turn-to-release device or a key-release version. A compact enclosure permits it to be used on plant machinery as well as directly in an operator panel.

Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

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