Pneumatic Swing Cylinder Clamps
October 2003
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The company's pneumatic swing cylinder clamps now come with an enhanced sensing functionality, reportedly making it easier to determine exactly when clamps are in the open or closed position for increased safety and control. Offering a clamping force of up to 160 lb, the clamps are said to be an alternative for applications where hydraulic power is not suitable. They are said to be especially well suited for secondary manufacturing operations such as welding and assembly processes. The sensors work via a small, low-voltage Hall Effect switch, which is actuated by a magnetic piston ring as the cylinder piston moves up and down and a programmable logic controller reads the open or closed position. The 90-degree swing of the clamping arm reportedly minimizes obstruction in the workspace and reduces cycle time through easy load and unload of parts. The clamps also feature additional screws to more effectively secure the clamp housing. Multiple mounting options reportedly allow the clamps to be adapted to the fixture for best use of space.


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