October 2003
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Versollan(TM) RU 2203 is the newest member of the Versollan TPU elastomer alloy product line. With a 45 Shore A hardness, the new product is said to be one of the softest injection-moldable TPU elastomers available in the industry. Some of the material's advantages include exceptional oil resistance, excellent adhesion to PC, ABS, and PC/ABS blends, improved flexibility, fast set-up rates during processing, and spiral flow similar to styrenic TPEs, according to the company. Unlike standard TPUs, the material is said to help processors achieve a rubbery, tactile feel for grip and overmolding applications; a dull, matte finish; and excellent tensile strength and good impact resistance. RU 2203, as well as all Versollan TPU elastomers, are made with high-performance urethanes from BASF Corporation.

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