Filling Material
October 2003
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The company's Gap Pad(R) Sil-Free 1000 is a silicone-free, thermally conductive, and electrically isolating gap-filling material for applications such as disk/hard drives, open circuit relays, and electro-mechanical components. It can also be used in applications in which silicone may contaminate such post processes as solder re-flow and/or cleaning processes. According to the company, the material is one of the softest, most compliant, and comformable thermally conductive materials on the market. With a thermal conductivity value of 1E/mK, the material reportedly offers good heat transfer for high-power density applications. The material features an asymmetrical laminate construction with a thin, low-tack rubber coating on one side of an embossed glass reinforcement, and a naturally tacky lower modulus gap filling rubber on the other, allowing simple pad placement in vertical positions during assembly processes. An embedded reinforcement reportedly allows the customer to easily pull the part off the carrier and place the pad in position on the application. It is offered in 0.015-, 0.020-, 0.040-, 0.100-, and 0.125-in thicknesses. Custom thicknesses are also available.

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