Turret Punch Press
October 2003
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Strippit/LVD introduces the Siena 1212, a new CNC turret punch press engineered to address today's metal fabricating requirements by providing high-production technologies in an efficient and economical design. High-performance features include a 27-station turret with three direct drive

3.5-in auto-index stations, graphics interface, and PC-based control. The press delivers up to 360 hits per min on 1-in centers. The machine provides ±0.004-in finished part accuracy and ±0.002-in finished part repeatability. It handles workpieces up to 49.2 by 49.2 in and material thicknesses up to 0.250 in. Larger sheets can be processed with clamp repositioning. A servo-driven hydraulic ram provides 20 tons of punching force. Fully programmable stroke profiles and the company's exclusive Smart Stroke® feature are said to maximize punching performance and provide flexibility for punching and forming applications. According to the company, Smart Stroke® maximizes the productivity of the machine without operator or programmer intervention. The feature is said to automatically optimize the punch cycle by determining the hover height based on material thickness and distance between holes. All turret stations are keyed for maximum tool load flexibility and can punch at Y=0 in. Replaceable, hardened steel guide bushings reportedly eliminate turret tool bore wear.


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