Chungho Nais Develops Ice-Making Water Purifier
August 2003
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Sensing a huge market potential, Chungho Nais Co., a leading South Korean purifier maker, has developed a water purifier capable of churning out ice at the touch of a button.

Chungho said it has successfully integrated an ice maker into a water purifier after 8 years of R&D efforts to develop the nation's first product of its kind, named "Ice Combo."

The Ice Combo, which the company also claims is the world's first ice-making water purifier built on the basis of reverse osmotic pressure system, is capable of producing ice cubes as well as purified cold and hot water, company officials said. The product, priced at 2.97 million won (U.S. $2,520) per unit, hit the domestic market earlier this week, with the company engaging in export negotiations with U.S. and European buyers, the company said.

The Seoul-based firm, which currently sells a variety of water purifiers in 23 countries worldwide, also said it has already obtained a government patent for Ice Combo.

"Household demand for edible ice has steadily increased due to rapid changes in dietary standards and advancements in consumption patterns," said Lee Joong-won, chief of the Chungho Nais R&D Center.

"Reflecting such changes, domestic water-purifier users have consistently asked for the development of water purifiers and dispensers with more functions. The new ice-making purifier will be particularly useful for households, stores and businesses in summertime," he said. (Asia Pulse)

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