Sub-Zero 700 Series Integrated Refrigerators
August 2003
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The 700 Series of integrated refrigeration from Sub-Zero Freezer Company features a refrigerator in the top cabinet and two freezer drawers below.

The integrated design allows you to place the refrigerator wherever you might need it - without taking away from the overall design of the room. The 700 Series can be placed in a workout room, next to a home entertainment center, in a master bedroom, or in the kitchen. The 700 Series is designed to become a an invisible addition to a beautiful home.

All 700 Series models are 27 inches wide. Models include:

  • a tall refrigerator
  • a tall freezer
  • a tall refrigerator/freezer.

    Sub-Zero also makes a two-drawer refrigerator and a two-drawer freezer.

    All the units are 24 inches deep. The 700 Series units require 5/8-inch minimum panels that do not exceed a 40 pound weight limit for the door or 12 pounds for the drawer.

    A microprocessor that serves as the brain for the 700 Series unit, providing a high level temperature control, efficiency, and food preservation.

    Temperature Zones are offered in the tall and base refrigerator and combination units. This gives you the flexibility of having two temperatures within the same unit.

    Adaptive Defrost means that, depending on usage and climate, the 700 Series unit will adapt to its environment for greater efficiency.

    Other features of the 700 Series:

  • Toe Plate - The adjustable solid toe plate meets the standards of the American Institute of Architects.
  • Front Venting - The units are designed with mechanical equipment in an area below the lower drawer. The lower drawer panel can extend to cover these louvers.
  • Lighting - Flat to the ceiling, superior lighting provides white, efficient light in cabinet and drawer units.
  • Door/Drawer Alarm - If your door or drawer is accidentally left open for more than 30 seconds an audible alarm will sound.
  • Drip-Proof Shelves - The cabinet section of the tall units feature adjustable drip-proof, one-piece glass shelves that are easily removed for cleaning.
  • Dairy Shelf - A magnetically sealed compartment is fully adjustable on the tall refrigerator and combination units.
  • Crisper Cover - On the tall and base refrigerator units, a removable crisper cover is offered for one of the drawer sections.
  • Deli-Drawer - Smaller items are not lost in this handy feature of the tall refrigerator unit.
  • Egg Tray - You can store a dozen eggs in this removable egg tray with the tall refrigerator and combination units.
  • Ice Maker - An automatic ice maker, providing crescent-shaped ice, is a factory-installed option on the tall and base freezers as well as the tall combination unit.
  • Automatic Defrost - All 700 Series units have an automatic defrost system.
  • Door Swing - You can choose left or right door swing on the tall units. (This option must be ordered with the unit and cannot reverse the door in the field.)
  • Door Stop - On all tall units a 90° door stop is built into the patented hinge. Normal door swing is 105°.

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