Welding System
June 2003
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The Power Wave™ 355/Power Feed™ 10 welding system is comprised of a high-efficiency inverter power source and a rugged industrial wire feeder designed to work specifically with The Lincoln Electric Company’s Power Wave units. The Power Wave 355 uses Waveform Control Technology™ to produce optimal arc characteristics for almost any MIG or flux-cored welding application, including those on exotic alloys. The Power Feed 10, which communicates digitally with the power source, is said to set the standard for performance and ease of use. The unit features a compact design and 350-A rating, making it suitable for fabrication shops demanding a robust multi-process welding system with advanced arc control capability.

The Power Wave 355 / Power Feed 10 welding system reportedly provides complete control of all welding parameters at the feeder and allows the user/operator to select the right welding output waveform by using the Mode Selector Switch on the front panel of the Power Feed 10 wire feeder.

The system’s digital communications between wire feeder and compact power source are said to make set up easy and configuration extremely flexible.

The power source, wire feeder control box, and wire drive system can be separated to allow maximum flexibility when configuring a work station, with no loss of control or capability.

Since the system uses one common control cable for all components, configuration, ordering, and set-up is said to be much easier than traditional welding systems.

The heart of the system is the Power Wave 355, the company’s digitally-controlled, inverter power source. The patented power source is capable of complex, high-speed waveform control when used in combination with the company’s Power Feed 10 wire feeder.

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