Bagless Vacuum
July 2003
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The company has combined its patented WindTunnel™ technology with a bagless dirt-collection system to create a commercial upright with reportedly excellent cleaning effectiveness.

The new Hoover® WindTunnel™ bagless commercial upright uses technology that is said to be a breakthrough in the design of the agitator cavity. Dirt is channeled into a dual-duct arrangement in the WindTunnel nozzle, reportedly preventing dirt from being scattered back onto the carpet. This technology, says the company, improves cleaning effectiveness, which is the most sought-after benefit that users want in an upright, according to independent research.

The vacuum also comes with a multiple-stage, heavy-duty commercial filter located in the dirt cup; a six-piece, on-board tool set that includes a super-stretch hose that reaches up to 11 ft; and edge groomers, which are a series of flexible bristles aligned vertically along the far edges of the agitator cavity to brush dirt particles along baseboards and then draw the particles by the suction of the cleaner toward the air ducts.

The vacuum also comes with a 12-A grounded motor and a clean-air design, meaning that the motor pulls (rather than pushes) air into the dirt cup. The Hoover Company, North Canton, OH, U.S.

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