Adhesive Dispensing and Curing Equipment
December 2002
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The Equipment Sourcebook is a new 53-page resource guide from Henkel Loctite Corporation that outlines the company's complete line of manual, semiautomatic, and automatic adhesive dispensing and curing equipment. The book is organized into four information categories. The Dispensing section provides information on complete systems, controllers and reservoirs, hand-held applicators, hot-melt applicators, hand-held and automatic valves and pumps, and dispensing accessories and spare parts. The Curing section outlines light cure chambers, conveyors, flood systems, light meters, light sources, power supplies, wand systems, and curing system accessories and spare parts. The Programs section discusses the company's equipment rental programs and overviews the equipment web site, and the Custom Equipment section explains the company's equipment engineering capabilities.

Henkel Loctite Corporation

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