Gas Furnace
March 2003
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The Ducane Horizontal 80 gas furnace is said to be efficient, economical, and uncommonly quiet. The Horizontal 80 incorporates several features for quiet operation, including the individual balancing of each blower wheel in each furnace, whisper burners, and the Honeywell(R) slow-opening gas valve. The Horizontal 80 can reportedly operate up to 20-percent more efficiently than older units, with no continuous pilot light to waste gas or blow out. Its compact size and low silhouette allow easy attic and crawl space entry, in turn, reducing installation costs. The unit's durability is said to be increased by its specially designed Crimp-Tite(TM) heat exchanger that uses mechanical seams, which are crimped rather than welded. The crimping technique reportedly eliminates stresses developed with arc or seam welding and protects the aluminized coating. The company's weld-free seam process creates a clean, leak-free seal - reportedly more reliable than conventional welding. A heavy-gauge cabinet also makes the unit more durable and provides corrosion protection. Excel Comfort Systems, Blackville, SC, U.S.;

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