Color Measurement
April 2003
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The company's NetProfiler(TM) Version 1.5 is said to be a breakthrough technology that allows instruments of virtually all makes and models to agree. NetProfiler is an Internet application that remotely monitors, calibrates, adjusts, and certifies a network of spectrophotometers. According to the company, supply chain color management has been ineffective due in part to lack of universal measurement standards. This lack of standardization means that measurements from one instrument differ on another instrument, making color communication nearly impossible. And because of the sensitivity of optics to environmental conditions such as heat and humidity, standardizing a global supply chain on a given make or model doesn't resolve the problem. With NetProfiler 1.5, the company says that essentially any spectrophotometer used throughout a supply chain can be calibrated remotely via the Internet to measure within a much tighter tolerance. It reportedly eliminates instrumental variations and enables accurate supply chain color management on a global scale by standardizing all color measurements to a known virtual standard. GretagMacBeth


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