Thermoforming Machine
April 2003
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The company recently introduced a single station thermoforming machine model, B2R 1750 x 800 x 550, which is the result of a restyling and modernization of the company's previous machine. The operator loads and unloads alternatively the sheet and the molded product from the front side of the machine. Plastification and forming of the sheet take place in the same working station to produce the finished product. This is possible thanks to two heating panels capable of moving forward and backward pneumatically. Innovations within the mechanics of the machine include moving parts made of aluminum, which allows for lighter loads yet a high degree of structural rigidity; cooling water has been eliminated from the machine frame and replaced by proper stain steel protections capable to safeguard the heating panels during their stand-by stage in the machine rear; a safety manual gate replaced by photoelectric barriers in order to assure the operator a better view and therefore a better control of the production process; and an upper reduction frame that is fixed inside the machine and can be manually adjusted through threaded bar which allows to set the correct dimensions of the format being used. COMI Srl.


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