Turret Punch Press
March 2003
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The new F Series, 33-ton hydraulic precision turret punch press is designed for accuracy, maximum productivity, and speed, and is custom engineered to meet a variety of manufacturing needs using a wide range of options. Through a 20-station turret, and up to 10 auto-index stations, the F Series reportedly offers great flexibility with the ability to install more than 120 tools in the turret with the use of Multi-Tool(R). The F Series is available with 50-in or 60-in Y Axis and 80-in or 100-in X Axis. Designed with the company's F2+ hydraulic punching system, the F Series machine is said to deliver full tonnage throughout the stroke. In addition to control of the punch stroke depth and length, the equipment's hydraulics system provides user-friendly feed and speed control. With nine programmable punching speeds, the F Series turret punch presses can move from fast nibbling speeds to a reduced, steady ram advance for forming louvers, shear tabs, and other precise operations. Finn-Power International, Inc.

Finn-Power International, Inc.

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