Blind Threaded Studs
February 2003
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SpinTite(R) Type AES(TM) blind threaded studs are said to provide strong external threads for attaching components where only one side of a workpiece is accessible. They can serve as a practical alternative to tapped holes, weld nuts, rivets, and self-drilling or tapping screws. The studs also can be used as locating elements when joining two components. Installed from the accessible "front" side of a workpiece, SpinTite blind threaded studs are suitable for metal components as thin as 0.020 in (0.51 mm). They reportedly eliminate the need for additional hardware beyond a mating nut to complete final component assembly and can be installed permanently anywhere in the shop or field (even after end-product finish is applied) utilizing a hand-held portable tool. Atlas Engineering

Atlas Engineering

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