Adhesive Products
February 2003
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The company offers three new series of free films - IF-2070, IF-2090, and IF-3070 - to its existing MACfilm(R) product line. Along with its existing IF-2010 series, the free film product offering is now able to fulfill a wide range of engineering requirements. The existing IF-2010 series is said to be an aggressive, high-temperature adhesive that bonds well to medium- and high-energy surfaces. It has strong adhesion at moderate temperatures and is typically specified at temperatures in the range of 200°-250°F (93°-121°C), depending on the specific application requirements. The IF-2070 family of tapes is suitable for mounting nameplates, faceplates, die-cut parts, and decorative trim. Because of its low surface energy bonding characteristics, IF-2090 series of films are suitable for bonding to polypropylene, polyethylene, and powder-coated surfaces. IF-3070 is a series of films developed for high-temperature applications. This series has a temperature performance of 400°F (204°C), almost doubling the company's previous temperature performance. MACtac Technical Products Group

MACtac Technical Products Group

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