Fluid Waveform Analyzer
February 2003
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The new Loctite(R) Fluid Waveform Analyzer dispense detection system is said to ensure zero-defect manufacturing in applications where high quality production and data inspection are required. The fluid waveform analyzer dispense detection system uses conclusive "real-time" data acquisition to accurately detect plugged or broken dispense nozzles, nozzle voids, no dispense, undersized beads, oversized beads, and air bubbles. The resulting output is a waveform that is compared to a standard preprogrammed waveform to determine whether the process is in or out of control. In the event of an out-of-control condition, the system will deliver an output signal. Acquired data can be stored locally or to a LAN. The fluid waveform analyzer can monitor any fluids, from water-thin liquids to thick pastes, and is available with a range of price and performance options to suit specific dispensing inspection requirements. Henkel Loctite Corporation, formerly Loctite Corporation

Henkel Loctite Corporation, formerly Loctite Corporation

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