Meter, Mix, and Dispense, Bench-Top Potting and Encapsulating
February 2003
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The 1125 Variable Ratio meter mix system has a wide range of dispensing capabilities, including epoxy, urethane, silicone and other two component reactive materials. The system meters materials with positive displacement, variable ratio, piston metering. Automatic, positive-ported flow directional valves are said to provide accurate control of fluids to the metering cylinders. A no-purge snuff-back mix/dispense head uses a disposable static mixer for dispensing precise shots. The system may be operated from vacuum tanks, pumps, or directly from the material manufacturers' containers. The system features several methods of shot control, timed, encoder or operator controlled. Shot sizes range from 0.1 cc to 160 cc with a ratio accuracy of +/- 1 percent by volume. A wide range of materials including epoxy, urethane, and silicone with viscosities to 1 million cps can be processed. Applications include potting/encapsulating, syringe filling, R&D work, and material testing. Ashby-Cross


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