Manual Spray Gun
January 2003
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The AeroCharge manual spray gun uses a new charging technology that reportedly delivers improved coverage and finish quality in challenging coating applications, as well as in recoating applications over cured or uncured powder. With its unique charging method, the AeroCharge gun allows for very close positioning to the part for "point-and-shoot" accuracy and quick film build, making it suitable for parts with deep recesses, blind corners, and other complex geometries, according to the company. The AeroCharge gun is said to be 30-percent lighter than a typical corona gun to provide maximum operator comfort and control. An easy-to-use, pneumatic control unit reportedly makes gun set-up and operation simple. The AeroCharge gun is designed for compatibility with conventional "negative corona" guns. For expanded operating versatility and easier, more efficient coating application, the gun features a large selection of nozzles and pattern adjusters that vary pattern size, direction, and spray velocity. Extensions can be stacked together to extend the gun's reach when coating parts with deep cavities and other recessed areas. Nordson Corporation

Nordson Corporation

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