Potentiometer/Position Sensor
January 2003
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The N-15 control potentiometer/position sensor is produced on FR4 PCB substrate that reportedly allows the product to be customized without incurring a significant tooling charge. Because the device uses a PCB substrate, it is said to provide advantages and cost savings over printed carbon resistors (PCR). The N-15 is a low profile (4.4 mm) customizable control potentiometer/position sensor featuring full endless rotation (360°). It has a wide electrical angle (340° ±10°), extended operating temperature range (-40°C to +120°C) and is available in SMD or through-hole mounting. The product is standard with a polarized T rotor (European Home Appliance Standard) that allows shafts to be inserted from either side of the product. Shaft options are available and sold separately. The N-15 has reflow and wave soldering capability and a catalog specified mechanical life of 100,000 cycles. Piher International Corporation

Piher International Corporation

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