Air/Plate Heat Pump Assemblies
January 2003
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The MPA Series of solid state air/plate heat pumps is part of the TechniCOOL™ line of thermoelectric assemblies and is suitable for cooling and heating various materials or flat surfaces as well as for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications. These applications include laboratory hot/cold plates, spot cooling, and heating and liquid container temperature control. High-temperature versions (+200°C) are available for applications involving soldering and other higher temperature reflow and processing needs. Standard cooling capacities range from 20 W to more than 70 W (70 BTU/hr to 250 BTU/hr) with heating capabilities of more than 150 W (510 BTU/hr). Customized assemblies are also available for specific heat pumping and size requirements. Melcor Corporation

Melcor Corporation

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